• Wind turbine inspections

    Digitised. Simplified.

    Searching for a better way to manage, analyse, and share wind turbine blade inspection data? You’ve come to the right place.


    Full visibility in the blade life cycle


    One central location to store important knowledge and inspection data for the entire blade life cycle. Over time, you’ll build a historical database that’s entirely searchable. Go back in time to match blade damages with turbine performance, or find proof for warranty claims.


    Inspection and reports. Standardised.


    Every company is unique. That’s why you can customise parts of the blade inspection processes to match your way of working.

    • Set-up custom labels and statuses to standardise digital inspections

    • use custom blade inspection report templates


    Upload blade inspection data with the click of a button


    Manually uploading thousands of images for an entire wind park can feel like forever. With AssetView, you can mass upload all your inspection data in one go, based on a predefined folder structure. Just make sure the folders are structured correctly, and AssetView will take care of the rest.


    The next step in blade analysis


    While nothing beats a manual blade inspection when it comes to uncovering small (hidden) details, thermal images go a long way too. With AssetView, you can analyse RBG images and their thermal counterparts in a single view - providing you with the additional context you need.

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