• The future of roof and facade inspections

    Dealing with drone inspection data for large and complex buildings can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be that way.


    Take advantage of technical drawings


    With AssetView, you can leverage technical drawings of large and complex buildings to easily structure datasets. Simply assign datasets to specific locations on the drawing, to make large sets of inspection data more manageable and visual.


    A visual representation says more than a thousand words


    AssetView can leverage the metadata sits in drone photos, to visually organise all images on the screen. What this means is that the entire facade of is visualised in a single view. Alternatively, you can also create custom rasters to visually sort images, if more precision is required.


    Analyse & Report


    Now that your datasets are well structured and visually organised on screen, it’s time to start the digital inspection process.

    • Create custom labels and statuses to support your unique building inspection process. 
    • Use endless zoom and easy-to-use annotation tools to quickly identify and report damages and other areas of concern.
    • Pro tip: thermal images can be analysed side-by-side with their RGB counterparts.
    • With the click of a button, convert all findings into a beautiful looking inspection report that's entirely customisable to your liking. 

    Build historical records to better plan for the future


    Past events are a great indicator for the future - at least so they say. Use AssetView for repeat inspections, and closely monitor how points of interest are changing over time. These insights can be used to better plan for the future.

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