Discover the perks of digital inspections


    With AssetView, digital inspections are fast, simple, and accurate.

    1. Define custom categories and label sets
    2. Skim through fast-loading images and use short-cuts to save time 
    3. Endless zoom to uncover tiny details 
    4. Collaborate with others to improve reliability  
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    Comparison Viewer


    With the right tools for analysis, repeat inspections can offer even greater insights. Comparison Viewer helps you to do just that, as you can compare different asset datasets side-by-side, in a single overview.


    1. Track and monitor how assets have changed over time, to better plan for the future.
    2. Compare different kinds of data, types to one another, such as RGB and thermal, to really understand the full picture.
    3. Use comparison viewer to establish burden of proof requirements - such as warranty claims
  • Dashboard


    Monitor your digitised asset portfolio at glance with the dashboard. It shows the development across all your assets, along with useful metrics and diagrams. With the dashboard, everyone is always on top of new activities that matter, as they happen.

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