Manage visual inspection data in a single, secure environment


    Traditional asset management software is not built to deal with large volumes of visual inspection data. AssetView bridges the gap by providing complete visibility with a searchable cloud-based platform for visual data management.

    • Digitise assets and inspection processes 
    • One place to reduce risk and remain compliant
    • Search data by inspection, asset or dataset
    • Filter data by various queries to narrow down your research 
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    Suitable for all your inspection data


    AssetView is the place where you store all your inspection-related files. Whether you're dealing with photos, thermographic images, videos, or CAD drawings, AssetView is up for the task.

  • Unlock your data's true potential


    Dealing with large volumes of visual inspection data can feel overwhelming. AssetView helps to bring order to chaos with smart methods to structure and organise large and complex datasets.


    • With inspection areas, you can split up large datasets and assign locations on a technical drawing.
    • Visually organise images on the screen by leveraging metadata or creating custom raster views.
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