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    Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture

    Traditional agriculture is changing quickly with the introduction of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence. HAL24K Agri AI solutions are ready to transform agriculture for good.

  • HAL24K Agri will help you to transform your traditional business into a data-driven business without losing farmers' smarts.

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  • Next Generation

    Agriculture Intelligence

    The rapid development of sensors, remote sensing, cloud computing and AI technologies enabled smart agriculture. The reason why smart agriculture hasn’t disrupted the market yet is the distance between tech companies and agriculture companies. HAL24K Agri is not afraid of dirt. With wooden clogs and rubber boots we get on the ground and enable AI for everyone.

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    About us

    In 2014 HAL24K was founded, a data intelligence company which wanted to change the world by enabling practical use of AI for big problems. They created the Dimension™ platform where from end to end problems can be tackled, solved and solutions deployed.

    Over the years they developed IP in many areas like the water industry, infrastructure, traffic management and agriculture.

    In 2020 HAL24K decided their efforts would be more efficient and faster scalable if they would spinoff companies working in a single industry, gain more domain expertise, deliver better solutions.

    Hence in 2021 HAL24K Water, HAL24K Infra and HAL24K Agri were launched and HAL24K became HAL24K Labs for new developments.

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    HAL24K Agri will focus on AI deployments in the agriculture industry. In agriculture everything is connected by the natural resources. We see agriculture as the circle of life.

    If we want to improve the world by increasing food production, we should also improve the way we work with the soil this food grows on. Include the water and nutrients contents and the biology in the soil.

    On the other hand, efficiency can be gained in agriculture too. Reduce the use of natural resources and environmental footprint. Everything goes hand in hand, so our goal is to utilize AI to close the circle. This is just the start of our journey. Join us!