• Supporting a wide variety of use cases

    AssetView was originally developed to be a versatile platform suitable for numerous use-cases - and we intend to keep it that way!


    Bridge inspections


    Visual inspections for any sizeable bridge tend to go hand in hand with tons of images. Bring order to chaos by leveraging technical drawings to structure large datasets and set the stage for future repeat inspections.

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    Cell tower inspections


    Managing cell tower inspection data is simple and fast with the help of AssetView. Digitise your inspection process with custom labels and statuses, and use various annotation features to find even the tiniest details


    Industrial inspections


    Looking for manage visual inspection data for Electric Power assets, Nuclear assets, or assets in Oil & Gas? It's possible with AssetView. Get in touch to learn how AssetView can bridge the gap between your Enterprise Asset Management system and the real-world.

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