Collaborate securely with stakeholders and promote transparency


    Grant secure access to work closely with your team, external partners, and clients. With AssetView, you can remove barriers to bring everyone on the same page and promote transparency.


    • Be in full control. Manage roles and inspection access rights of all users. 
    • Involve stakeholders in custom inspection workflows and gather their input.
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    Centralised knowledge management


    If knowledge is not properly managed, a lot may be on stake if the wrong individuals leave. AssetView brings the right information and the right people together in a single environment, so that everyone can find the context they need, whenever they need it. It’s time to start building a historical database.


    1. Use AssetView as a time machine to reveal past decisions
    2. Search data by inspection, asset, or dataset
    3. Filter data by various queries to narrow down your search 
  • Complete inspections faster with automated & customisable reports


    Generate beautiful looking inspection reports in PDF or Word format. Reports can be generated automatically, and are completely customisable in terms of content and look & feel. While high-resolution images make defects easy to detect, direct links to AssetView also allow readers to get the full picture.

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