• On a mission to transform asset management with visual data


    Back in 2014, we founded one of the first professional drone services companies in the Netherlands. We quickly learnt that the average drone inspection produces tons of visual data - and we had no good way to effectively manage all that. In order to succeed in the drone business, we needed a way to turn this data into valuable insights for our customers.


    One year later, we created AssetView. While AssetView was initially for our own use only, we later realised that we weren't the only ones struggling with this issue. From other like-minded drone service companies, to larger organisations who were looking beyond their traditional enterprise asset management software packages that were unfit for visual data management.


    Today, we are on a mission to transform the world of asset management. With the rise of drones and robotics, we believe that the inspections of tomorrow will become increasingly visual data-driven. We are here to support this new evolution with an easy-to-use platform that will make it all possible.

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